About Us

Nestled among the picturesque mountains, on the outskirts of the lovely town of Montagu in the Western Cape, in our very own valley is our family run Alpaca farm. We are passionately environmentally conscious, growing our own organic veggies, berries and fruit and our gentle alpacas fit in perfectly as are an extremely eco-friendly species.


Alpaca is an eco-friendly fibre because both the herd animal and the fibre production process have a very light carbon footprint as they have a low environmental impact due to their soft, padded feet which tread lightly and do not cause soil erosion.

Our Products

Our range currently includes scarves, hats/beanies, gloves including mitts, fingerless and wrist warmers; shawls, shrugs and tops; plus our growing range of children and baby wear. Ponchos and throws will be added to our line later this year.

Did you know?

Alpacas are intelligent, fascinating, eccentric, playful and ever so loveable!

Latest News

You are welcome to visit us at Alpaca Paddocks, but please note that currently this is by appointment only. Keep an eye on out for announcements on future "Open Days", birth of new babies and animals for sale, as well as new products.

Product Range

We have a unisex, ladies & gents range of scarves, beanies and gloves; a range of ladies cardies, shrugs, gilets, shawls and ponchos; baby and toddler wear; throws for your home. Visit our Products page for more information and images.

Why Alpacas?

They have a very efficient digestion process which means they can even thrive on very poor pastures. Alpaca are members of the camel family so they consume less water other livestock. Their fleece is also hypo-allergenic, does not contain lanolin, and thus do not require harsh detergents for cleaning/washing purposes.

Our vision

Alpaca Paddocks has been in operation for 3 years and is still therefore an exciting and growing industry. Our vision is to create much needed employment for women in the town of Montagu, through training in various skills such as processing the wool, carding and hand spinning the fibre, and finally knitting, weaving and crochet of end products.

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